27-November-2020 08.00-24.00 GMT+2

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Why Attend

Find out more about research in Cyprus!

Join us for a journey through the Exhibition Hall, where you can find all the research teams at their booths ready to talk to you about their passion and vision, their research activities and beyond. You will get a chance to chat with them, see what their biggest achievements are and how these may impact your everyday life. Ask them any question! They are ready and happy to answer.

Watch live interviews and discussions on Smart and Green Cities.

Tune in for the official launch of the event at 18:00 Cyprus local time, to watch live interviews and interesting dicussions on Smart and Green Cities in Cyprus.

Meet the MSCA Fellows in Cyprus

Find out more about how researchers in Cyprus benefit from the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, pose questions about their research activities and interact with them in the Poster Hall.

Take part in the Scavenger Hunt

Look for the event’s central figures, Brainy and Genie, hidden in different booths in the Exhibition Hall, in the Poster Hall and the European Corner!

Complete a short survey to enter the draw for technology gifts

Tell us what you think of our online event, vote for your favorite booth and enter the draw to win amazing technology gifts.


27 Νοεμβρίου 2020



Έκθεση Ερευνητικών Δραστηριοτήτων



Παρουσίαση Ερευνητικών Δραστηριοτήτων από Marie Curie Fellows




Χαιρετισμός από Υφυπουργό Έρευνας, Καινοτομίας και Ψηφιακής Πολιτικής,

κ. Κυριάκο Κόκκινο


Χαιρετισμός από Επικεφαλής Επιστήμονα για Έρευνα και Καινοτομία,

Δρ. Νικόλα Μαστρογιαννόπουλο


Χαιρετισμός από Γενικό Διευθυντή Ιδρύματος Έρευνας και Καινοτομίας (ΙδΕΚ),

κ. Θεόδωρο Λουκαΐδη


Ζωντανή Συνέντευξη Υφυπουργού Έρευνας, Καινοτομίας και Ψηφιακής Πολιτικής

κ. Κυριάκου Κόκκινου και Επικεφαλής Επιστήμονα για Έρευνα και Καινοτομία
Δρ. Νικόλα Μαστρογιαννόπουλου από παιδιά.


Ζωντανή συζήτηση με θέμα «Έξυπνες και Πράσινες Πόλεις»


Γενικός Διευθυντής Ιδρύματος Έρευνας και Καινοτομίας (ΙδΕΚ),

κ. Θεόδωρος Λουκαΐδης


Δρ. Στέλιος Χειμώνας,

Γενικός Διευθυντής Υφυπουργείου Έρευνας, Καινοτομίας και Ψηφιακής Πολιτικής

κα. Κλέλια Βασιλείου,

Επίτροπος Περιβάλλοντος

κ. Ανδρέας Βύρας,

Δήμαρχος Λάρνακας

κ. Βύρωνας Ιωάννου,

Μέλος Διοικητικού Συμβουλίου Επιστημονικού Τεχνικού Επιμελητηρίου Κύπρου (ΕΤΕΚ)

κ. Νίκος Νικολαΐδης,

Δήμαρχος Λεμεσού

κ. Κώστας Πέτσας,

Δημοτικός Σύμβουλός Δήμου Λευκωσίας

κ. Φαίδωνας Φαίδωνος,

Δήμαρχος Πάφου


Τελετή Βραβεύσεων

Μαθητικός Διαγωνισμός «Μαθητές και Μαθήτριες στην Έρευνα – ΜΕΡΑ 2019-2020»

Μαθητικός Διαγωνισμός «Τεχνολογία και Καινοτομία στην Εκπαίδευση – ΤΕΚΕ 2019-2020»

Διαγωνισμός «Φοιτητές και Φοιτήτριες στην Έρευνα – ΦΟΙΤΩ 2020»

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’ll need to register for this online event and enjoy the Virtual Event features. Simply follow the link at the top of the page or just push the button for registration and submit your information. Then you’ll receive an email confirming your registration for the event.
Anyone above 18 years old can register to this event.
Your login details will be emailed to you ahead of the event. You can use these details to access the online event.
This event is for everyone who is interested to know more about the research activities implemented in Cyprus and to meet research teams.
NO. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our event. You only need to have access to the Internet.
The event will remain open from 08.00am to 24.00 on the 27th November 2020. Therefore, you can attend whenever it’s convenient for you during this period of time.
No. For the Exhibition hall, (booths) you can request a video chat, but a webcam is not required in order to participate in the event overall. For real time chat you also have the options of audio and text.
This is an online event. You can participate from anywhere given that you have Internet access. The event may be accessed from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
Yes. The platform is compatible with all browsers, but we encourage the use of Google Chrome for better user experience.
Absolutely. We are counting on you to invite others! Help us spread the word. You can simply share the link to this page, and they can register at their convenience.
Watch live online discussions, Download valuable educational material to access later, Real time chat with researchers, Watch the live award ceremony, Complete a short survey and vote for your favourite booth and poster for a chance to win.
Yes. Like any physical event, we will have a swag bag for you! You can add all of the documents available in your online swag bag and then email them to yourself.
Your login details will be emailed to you ahead of the event. You can use these details to access the online event.
With IT experts for technical assistance as well as Research and Innovation Foundations’ staff about the event and activities.

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